Raw, Unmodified Potato Starch

Bob's Red Mill potato starch is raw and unmodified, exactly how you need it as a prebiotic. Raw potato starch contains RSII type starch, as classified in the Advances in Nutrition Journal

There aren't many sources of RSII, and you can't eat raw potato, so this is probably one of the best forms available, along with green banana flour. 
There are no additives, or fillings in this product. If you are eating it raw, calories are not of concern because most of the raw starch doesn't get digested. It goes straight into your intestine, feeding your microbiome. 

Some of the benefits of resistant stach type 2:

  • Regulates insulin sensitivity, and lowers blood sugar
  • Helps to balance the microbiome
  • Enhances magnezium absorbtion
  • Improves tyroid function
  • Promotes butyrate production

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