Beer Bottles with Flip top stopper

These bottles are gorgeous, the ahve a beutiful color, cobalt-blue, and they hold 32 oz. I love the fact that they are larger, and they are very thick. You can virtually brew anything in them from beer to water kefir soda, and kombucha. 

The flip top stopper ensures an airtight seal everytime, so you don't have to worry about spoilage, or bad batches.

Ball Wide-Mouth Mason Jars with Lids and Bands

These jars have 1 quart volume, with a wide mouth. The wide mouth is particularly useful because it  makes the jars easy to work with. You can use it for a variety of fermentation projects, like making yougurt, making kefir, (water and milk kefir), pickles, both sour pickles and vinegar based pickles. 
The lids have a great seal, ensuring there is no air exchange during fermentation, and during the preserving period, if that's what you need. The jars also have measurment markings with both American and metric volume. 

Pickled VegetablesFermented foods are foods that are transformed through controlled fermentation, by microorganisms. Food fermentation has various objectives such preservation, taste and aroma enhancements, or even obtaining absolutely new foods, or drinks, without any resemblance of the original ingredients.

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