About Me

Welcome to my website about Fermented Foods and Probiotics. My name is Dorian, and I am the founder of the website. The website came as a result of my personal need to cover an area that is getting more and more attention, but the mainstream medical world hasn’t fully adopted – the complex relation between humans and their microbiome.

I am a curious mind and I have a deep need to understand the things that are happening to me. Modern medicine focuses on treating the symptoms, and hopes that our bodies will do their job, and complete the healing process. Modern medicine seems to have forgotten that the best way to stay healthy is to prevent. This is how I started studying the probiotics world.

My writings are all backed by scientific evidence. I am an engineer by profession, so I base my conclusions on science and exact data. Occasionally, I have novel ideas about the possible interactions between human body and the microbiome. Wherever I insert personal theories though, I mention that they are simple speculations, without scientific foundation.

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