Elderflower Drink Recipes – Elderflower Lemonade, Cordial, and Champagne Recipes

elder flower fermented drink

Elderflower Drinks The flowers of the elder tree are great for making beverages, alcoholic or nonalcoholic. Elderflower beverages have a unique taste and flavour, and are very appreciated by anyone who tried them. There are a few great elderflower drink recipes, internationally known, that tastes great, are easy to make, and they are all natural … Read more

Fermented Wheat Bran – Romanian Borş

Borsh in Mason Jar Photo by Lubita Iancu

Borș is a sour fermented juice obtained by fermenting wheat bran. Borș is traditionally used by Romanians to prepare their sour soups, (named either ciorbă, or less frequent borș), or they just drink it plain. Borș is pronounced “borsh“, and it might derive from the Ukrainian борщ, (borscht), although the fermented juice recipe is traditionally prepared in Romania … Read more

Sweetening Water Kefir with Xylitol and Stevia

Xylitol Jar

Sweetening your water kefir with xylitol might seem like a great idea, especially for people with blood sugar issues, but you might reconsider if you have all the facts about this sugar replacement. When I first hear about it, I was very excited to use a low calorie, low glycemic index sugar replacement. I bought … Read more

How To Flavor Water Kefir – Second Fermentation Tips

Water Kefir Soda in mason jar

Water kefir soda is delicious as it is, and it is healthy, but flavored water kefir is even better because has more nutrients, and it tastes even better. We can use various fruits or fruit juices to flavor it, but we can even use certain aromatherapy plants, or even some therapeutic herbs. We can use the … Read more

How To Make and Grow Water Kefir Grains

Tibicos, (water kefir grains), in a strainer

Growing your own water kefir grains is not difficult, if you are careful, and you tend them properly you can make huge quantities of tibicos, the water kefir grains. You need a few tibicos as a starter, quality water, sugar, and some various fruits. To improve the process, you may also add minerals to your … Read more

Kefir vs Yogurt, Which Fermented Milk Drink Is Better?

Home Made Kefir

Yogurt Might Not Be the Best Fermented Milk Drink Kefir is a fermented milk drink, similar to yogurt, with a milder taste and a different probiotic composition. Kefir is gaining popularity more and more, because of its specific taste that appeals to many people, and because of its increased health benefits. Yogurt on the other … Read more

Water Kefir Health Benefits

Water Kefir Grains

Water kefir soda is not only a very tasty soda, but it is incredibly healthy. It is a great replacement for the milk kefir. The health benefits of water kefir are attributed to the unique probiotic cultures in the tibicos, and the high concentration of these. There are many conditions that can be treated with … Read more

How To Make Water Kefir Soda – Water Kefir Soda Recipe

Water Kefir Soda Jars

Water kefir soda is a fermented drink, that uses tibicos, or water kefir grains – as they are more commonly known, and is most commonly brewed at home. Water kefir grains, are a culture of bacteria and yeasts encapsulated in a specific polysaccharide biofilm created by the bacteria, hence the name grains. Kefir water soda … Read more