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Gum Arabic is probably one of the most underestimated foods. Maybe because we use it mostly as a stabilizer in the food industry, and we think that, as most of the stabilizer, it's there only to enhance the final product, and it is not an essential food. This is so far from truth. Gum Arabic, or Acacia gum, as it is also known, or E414, as it appears on many product labels, is a great food, that can improve everyone's life. It is one of the foods with the greatest content of soluble fiber, and is used by an increasing number of people to treat, IBS, diarrhea, constipation, reduce cholesterol, and even help with weight loss.

The main healing power of acacia gum stems from the amount of prebiotic fiber contained. The special composition makes it pass intact through the stomach, and reach the intestine, where it feeds the gut bacteria. It is most praised by people who had relief from IBS, which is a debilitating condition, that people have to live with for their whole life, and treatments are not as effective, or they have serious side effects. Not with acacia gum. I use it just as an immunity booster, because it helps the growth of my gut bacteria colony.

Heather's Tummy Fiber POUCH is an organic product, with no fillers, no no additives, colors, flavors, or sweeteners. The product is harvested in Senegal, it is of the best quality, and it will help your tummy get better.

The trick with acacia gum is to be patient. It won't work from the first day, you have to give it between 2 weeks and a month, and then you will be another person. 
Add a rounded teaspoon to your smoothie, or use an immersion blender to add it to yogurt, or in dough, or as a thickener in your sauces. Use your imagination, acacia gum is tasteless and odorless, and that makes it very versatile.

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