Streptococcus Salivarius K12 - Oral Health Probiotic Supplement from Now Foods

Now Foods are known for their effective supplements at decent prices. Oralbiotic Blis K12 make no difference, it is a branded version of the BLIS Technologies probiotic strain. It contains 1 Billion CFU per lozenge, and some sugar replacements to make it palatable. Also contains xylitol, which is another germ fighting compound. The supplement has great ratings on Amazon, and is one of the best selling oral health supplement. 

Streptococcus salivarius BLIS K12 is now almost famous, with so many people getting great results in maintaining a great oral health. BLIS is an acronym for bacteriocin like inhibitory substance, and the term is used to describe the capability of certain microorganisms to produce substances that fight pathogens.

BLIS K12 is great for fighting various pathogens that enter our body through mouth, and to fight imbalances in the oral microbiota. The oral microbiota is normally composed by both probiotics, microorganisms that help us stay healthy, and opportunistic bacteria and yeasts, that are kept at bay by the simple existence of probiotics. Sometimes the balance between the "good guys and the bad guys", is broken, hence the onset of an illness, or a condition. Halitosis, gums disease, dental cavities, canker sores, are more or less a result of this imbalance.

Streptococcus salivarius BLIS K12 is a strain that is part of of our oral microbiome, but unfortunately, only about 10% of the population has it. The rest of us are more exposed to pathogens.

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