EvoraPlus Probiotic Mints by Oragenics


EvoraPlus is a probiotic supplement to improve oral health. EvoraPlus is based on a probiotic blend of three strains, named Probiora 3. Probiora 3 contains freeze dried bacteria, that are in a dormant state, and that will activate once they come in contact with our saliva.
The blend is formulated with Streptococcus uberis (S. uberis KJ2), Streptococcus oralis (S. oralis KJ3), and Streptococcus rattus (S. rattus JH145), three naturally occurring bacteria strains, cohabitant of our mouth. The strains were selected for their ability to fight pathogenic bacteria, by changing the chemical balance in our mouth. This chemical composition promotes the development of good bacteria, and inhibits pathogens.

EvoraPlus from Oragenics is formulated to support tooth and gum health, to freshen the breath by killing bad bacteria, and to fight dry mouth. The product is suitable for vegetarians, and contains no artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors.

I particularly like this product because it doesn’t contain Xylitol. Xylitol is great for oral health, but only for short periods of time. With prolonged use, xylitol will act as any other sugar.

Fights Dental Caries

The probiotic blend, once activated, will fight bad bacteria, out crowding it. One of the targeted pathogens is Streptococcus mutans, which seems to be responsible for dental caries. The mechanism to reduce cavities is through the action of S. rattus. This probiotic will reduce the number of the S. mutans, thus reducing the chances for dental cavities.

Eliminates Bad Odour

Other bad bacteria are taken care of by the magic trio, among which are the bacteria responsible for the bad breath. Bad breath, in many cases is caused by oral bacteria, which produce the bad smelling sulfurous gas. The probiotics in EvoraPlus will also target these bacteria, eliminating them.

Whitens Teeth

The unsuspected bonus with Probiora 3 is teeth whitening. The whitening is gradual, and very safe. Streptococcus oralis KJ3 and Streptococcus uberis KJ2 produce hydrogen peroxide in a low dose, but just enough to help the teeth whitening. With constant use the results are quite amazing.

For more info and some scientific research read this article.

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