Keysands Dehydrated Organic Water Kefir Grains


Keysands Water Kefir Grains are among the best sellers. Their tibicos, (water kefir), are dehydrated to keep them in an inert state until they get to you. They are easier to ship, this way and the culture viability is better. All you have to do when you receive them is to rehydrate them. Admittedly, it takes about a week for the tibicos to fully come to life, (results vary). However these are some of the best kefir grains on the market, and if you don’t have a neighbor to give you some, it is your best source.
Keysands sends you one tablespoon of dehydrated water kefir grains, which will become about 4 tablespoons after rehydration. This is enough for about one quart of water kefir at the beginning. The grains will grow in time and they will get stronger, so you may need less per quart of water, and you will have more grains.
Keysands use organic whole cane sugar for growing their cultures, but you don’t have to. You can feed them almost any sugar you want. Avoid honey, because it can weaken your culture in time.

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