sea buckthorn

Sibu Sea Buckthorn Berry Puree

The Sibu products are synonyms to excellence and quality. No exception makes Pure Omega 7, which is nothing else than a sea buckthorn berry puree. Well, it is harvested from trusted sources, so no contamination is possible, and it is controlled through selection for the highest Omega 7 content. Pure puree, means the perfect way to benefit from all properties of this miracle berry.

Crushed Sea Buckthorn Berries

This is a perfect way to get some great berries. I used this product to make a delicious water kefir soda. The bonus is that soda made with sea buckthorn looks stunning. The bright orange soda is so inviting, that nobody can resist it.

Unfiltered Organic Sea Buckthorn Juice

This juice is perfect for getting a high dose of vitamin C, vitamin E, and omega 7. Getting this juice for two months will improve the look of your skin, hair, and nails, but these are the effects visible on the outside. It will do wonders for you on the inside as well. Don't expect a good taste, because this juice is made to be healthy, it has everything from the berry inside it, from the juice and skin to the seeds.

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