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UPDATE: Hyperbiotics changed the formula of their dental probiotic supplement, which was initially based on the two scientifically reviewed BLIS strains BLIS K12 and BLIS M18.  The review below is then outdated, as I personally trust the older formula which had scientific backing.

Hyperbiotics, the company, is relatively new on the probiotics supplements market, but they secured a great part of this market by creating great products, designed for maximum efficiency. Their first product, Hyperbiotics Pro-15 is one of the bestsellers on Amazon, and the reviews are rave.

Hyperbiotics Pro-Dental is like all the other products from the same company a formula created to utilize at maximum all the knowledge in the domain, and to ensure the best results possible, and ensure maximum viability of the microorganisms through the entire shelf life time. Many probiotic supplements will lose their effectiveness short time after fabrication, because the microorganisms die soon after manufacturing. Pro-Dental are made using the latest available technology to protect the bacteria from the harsh environment, ensuring maximum CFU at the use time, and through the shelf life.

Why Do We Need Oral Probiotics?

The concept behind PRO-Dental, and any dental and oral health probiotics is that friendly bacteria, forming your oral microbiome help you fight pathogens, and keep a good chemical balance in your mouth and throat for a perfect health of your teeth and respiratory tract. Oral bacteria, populates your mouth and throat, and fight any pathogens. The bacteria fight not only other unfriendly bacteria, but it also fights viruses. Because of this, it can diminish flu symptoms and reduce the recovery time after infection with a flu virus, and it can even prevent it. My son reduced his seasonal problems with flu and colds to under a third when he started to take BLIS K12, in my books this is nothing short of a miracle.

Many of the modern life’s practices and conveniences are improving our quality of life on one side, but on the other side create other problems. One of these practices is the dental hygiene routine. While this is a great way to reduce plaque, and kill bad bacteria, some of the products we are using are too harsh for our microflora, and they will wipe it out. Without our native oral bacteria to protect our teeth from pathogens, bad bacteria or yeast take control over the mouth. Oral probiotics introduce a few native strains to repopulate your mouth with friendly bacteria. Watch the video below for a reminder on how bacteria forms.

Hyperbiotics PRO-Dental Ingredients and Formulation

Strains in Pro-Dental

The product from Hyperbiotics contains the best strains for oral health. The formula contains:

  • Streptococcus salivarius K12 Sold under the name BLIS K12, S. salivariuc K12 is a strain that was isolated by New Zealand’s researchers, and used for preventing mouth, throat, year, and nose infections. The strain was patented by Blis Technologies Limited, a New Zeeland company. Here is just one of the numerous articles about K12 efficacy in preventing infections.
  • Streptococcus salivarius M18 salivarius M18 is another amazing bacterial strain, cultured and patented, again, by Blis Technologies Limited. M18 is one of the strains that are naturally found in your oral microbiota. M18 was included in a few studies that proved its efficiency in reducing plaque, and improving gums’ health. The product is still young, compared to K12, so there certainly will be more studies in the future. Here is the link to a clinical trial on M18. Blis Technologies’ scientists discovered that 2% of the population do not have almost any problem with plaque. The common denominator in these 2% of the population was found to be the presence of M18 in their oral microflora. S. salivarius M18 is not found in the other 98% of the population.
  • Lactobacillus Reuteri Lactobacillus reuteri is another strain that was proven to reduce plaque formation, and improve overall gum health. Here is a reference to a clinical study: reuteri decreased gum bleeding and reduced gingivitis; and here is Wikipedia’s page on L. reuteri.
  • Lactobacillus Paracasei is not only a major gut coloniser, but it is also a coloniser of our mouth. L. paracasei introduced by supplements, can adhere to mucosa easier than other microorganisms, hence colonise the mouth. L. paracasei can fight important oral pathogens, including Streptococcus mutans, one of the major factors contributing to tooth decay.

Pro-Dental also contains chelated Zinc, a form of Zinc that is bioavailable. Zinc is a powerful antioxidant, playing a great role in free radicals scavenging. To ensure the viability of the bacteria is a big problem for probiotic supplements. Pro-Dental uses a patented technology from Nutraceutix called LiveBac, to ensure viable bacteria until the product reaches the consumer. LiveBac is a patented process used to encapsulate the bacteria. Bacteria encapsulated with the LiveBac technology have a longer shelf life, and it doesn’t need refrigeration. Products reliant on refrigeration are more susceptible to accidental damage, and there is no guarantee the bacteria will arrive intact when we buy it from the store. Here is another scientific article that discusses probiotics and oral health.

White teethHyperbiotics Pro-Dental Health Benefits

We mentioned some of the health benefits on the ingredients section, but I think we should go into more details. Hyperbiotics Pro-Dental helps with the following:

  • Plaque and cavities
  • Teeth staining, (it can even whiten teeth)
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Gingivitis and other gums problems
  • Bad breath
  • Oral thrush
  • Allergies
  • Sinus infections
  • Ear, nose and throat infections
  • Tonsillitis, and tonsil stones
  • Reduces the symptoms fro flu and the helps preventing it

dentist examining teeth with a mirror By introducing good bacterial strains, known to promote a healthy ph balance in your mouth, you attack the problems from different angles. Firstly, the strains in Pro-Dental formula are known to fight pathogens. With pathogens, like the infamous Streptococcus mutans, kept at bay, plaque formation is kept at minimum. There is no need for strong antibacterial solutions to kill bad bacteria. Gums will not be under permanent stress from bad microbes, and strong mouthwashes. The probiotic strains included in Hyperbiotics formula are bacteriocin producing; they naturally produce substances that inhibit, or kill pathogens. This means you are acting preventatively, and you reinforce the first line of defence. By reducing plaque to minimum, you minimize the production of acid on your teeth, and this results in less sensitive teeth, less chances to develop cavities, and a stronger tooth enamel in general. The bonus is that teeth will not stain as easy with stronger enamel.

With less plaque, your gums will start to heal properly, if you have a good diet. You will see less gums bleeding, less inflammation, and an amazed dentist, at your next dental appointment.

ProDental HyperBiotics on Amazon

Prodental is a chewable tablet, containing 3 billion CFU, which are guaranteed to live longer than your average probiotic supplement. The longer shelf life is ensured by LiveBac, a novel encapsulation method that shields the live bacteria from the harsh environment.

A bottle of Pro-Dental contains 45 tablets, which makes the product decently priced, compared to the market.

Hyperbiotics Pro-Dental is a probiotic aimed at helping with the following conditions: allergies, tooth sensitivity, sinus infections, plaque, cavities, teeth staining, (it can even whiten teeth), gingivitis and periodontitis, halitosis (bad breath), reduces the symptoms of flu and prevents it, ear, nose, and throat infections, oral thrush, tonsillitis and tonsil stones


The probiotic blend in Pro dental acts as a bacterial scavenger, killing pathogens, and forming “alliances” with other species in your mouth. One of the fantastic effects of this scavenging activity is that all bad breath bacteria is eliminated. All this without any adverse effects, like with alcohol based mouthwash, (or the stronger versions with chlorhexidine gluconate). Mouthwashes wipe out effectively all life form in your mouth, leaving an open gate for external opportunistic microorganisms. In some cases, chlorhexidine gluconate is needed to kill stronger pathogen populations. However, a follow up with an oral health probiotic is very important.

A balanced oral microbiome will cure tonsillitis, will clear infected sinuses, and prevent many ear, nose, and throat infections. By reinforcing the first line of defence, you can even prevent flu, or reduce the healing time dramatically.

If you want to improve your oral health, and increase immunity, Pro-Dental is one of the remedies to have in your arsenal.