Kiwi-Klenz Digestive Enzymes and Fiber


Kiwi-Klenz from Xtend-Life is a standardized kiwifruit powder with proprietary kiwi extract Digesten-K. It contains both of the components in an equal amount, 250 mg per capsule. The kiwifruit powder is nothing special besides the fact that it comes from New Zealand, and these are the best kiwis in the world. However, just as simple as it appears to be kiwifruit powder is a powerful antioxidant and prebiotic. There are numerous other manufacturers who sell kiwifruit powder, but simple powder, although less expensive, is not as powerful as Kiwi-Klenz. The second component of the supplement the Digesten-K boosts the efficiency dramatically. The makers of Kiwi-Klenz, Xtend-Life, claim that on capsule is the equivalent of two kiwifruits.

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