Kiwi Fruit Powder – A Powerful Prebiotic, Actazin and Actinidin

Kiwi Fruit - Photo by Luc ViatourKiwi fruit is packed with vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C, (more than orange), vitamin K, Vitamin E, vitamin B, potassium and manganese. This makes it a very nutritious and healthy fruit, but its healing properties do not come solely from the vitamin and mineral content. Kiwi is a great antioxidant due to the high content of bioavailable vitamin C. The phytonutrients in kiwi are also great antioxidants, and although it is not exactly known which of these compounds are the ones responsible for the great antioxidant properties, studies have shown that consuming kiwi is much more effective than getting vitamin C from other sources.
The great source of fiber, both soluble and insoluble, is absolutely the best fiber for intestinal and cardiovascular problems. The soluble fiber in kiwi is one of the best prebiotics, and unlike many othe soluble fibers such as inulins, it doesn’t create the infamous prebiotics intestinal discomfort.

Actazin by Anagenix

Actazin is a new prebiotic supplement to help people with digestion problems. The supplement contains standardized kiwifruit extract, with a high content of actinidin. The supplement contains kiwi powder a unique combination of soluble and insoluble fiber, and actinidin which is known to normalize bowels without the gas and other painful side effects of other prebiotic fibers. Actazin is extracted from the New Zealand kiwifruit which has superior qualities over kiwis grown in other geographical areas. New Zealand has a clean environment with a low pollution, which ensures a clean kiwi fruit, and one of the highest UV radiation areas. The extra UV radiation stimulates the secretion of extra polyphenols, so the kiwi fruits originating in New Zealand are effectively loaded with them. Actazin was developed by Anagenix, a New Zealand company, and you can find more information about their product here:

Kiwi Fruit Powder

Actazin is an extract and it is many times more powerful than the fruit. However, to a certain extent, the kiwi powder is a great alternative. Check the product below for more info.

Kiwi Fruit PowderKiwi Powder 2.2 LBS

Kiwifruit powder is the dried form of the kiwi fruit, the Actinidia Chinensis. The powder extract contains the same great benefits of eating a kiwi fruit, but it is a few times more powerful than the fruit, and it is very convenient.
The high concentration in vitamin C, and one of the key constituents in kiwi, actinidin, make it a great food. It is believed that the polyphenols and vitamin C are responsible for its anti asthmatic properties. However, its great prebiotic properties might have a great role in this, as intestinal health is known to be linked to asthma. Kiwi contains prebiotic soluble fiber, which selectively stimulates good bacteria in our intestine.


Actinidin, or actinidain which is also called, is a special enzyme found in many fruits such as pineapple, mango, bananas, and papaya. However, in kiwi fruits it is found in a much larger quantity, hence the special kiwifruit powders, very high in actinidin. Actinidin is known to be a great meat tenderizer, which can help aiding meat digestion, but actinidain is also a general digestion aid.

The great thing about kiwifruits is that they also contain other various enzymes which are involved in polysaccharide and oligosaccharide metabolism. Here is an abstract about kiwifruit. That means it helps probiotics break down soluble fiber. This results in less gas while feeding your intestinal microflora with oligosaccharides.

Xtend-Life Kiwi-Klenz with ActinidinXtend-Life Kiwi-Klenz Natural Prebiotic

Kiwi-Klenz from Xtend-Life is a standardized kiwifruit powder with proprietary kiwi extract Digesten-K. It contains both of the components in an equal amount, 250 mg per capsule. The kiwifruit powder is nothing special besides the fact that it comes from New Zealand, and these are the best kiwis in the world. However, just as simple as it appears to be kiwifruit powder is a powerful antioxidant and prebiotic. There are numerous other manufacturers who sell kiwifruit powder, but simple powder, although less expensive, is not as powerful as Kiwi-Klenz. The second component of the supplement the Digesten-K boosts the efficiency dramatically.


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